Trees are important

Throwaway lines.  Yesterday I found a sheet of paper on the kitchen floor, slightly crumpled, having been discarded from a backpack.  My youngest son said he wrote this poem for a royal tree-planting event ages ago, and he forgot to hand it in:

Trees are important

trees are like bees
come out in summer
go back in winter

wen bees get honey
we get apples or pears
or lemenons or oranges

and you get joy
from when you laugh
or smile

you get trees for homes
for squrles, owls, birds
and much more

thoe we are taking away there habitat

when we destroy someone’s habitat
or home
we destroy part of ourself

flying beeby Sam (8), written to celebrate the official planting of a special tree in Windsor. He thinks a member of the Royal Family did the honours, but he can’t recall who!

Sam wrote this weeks before he brought home Fantastic Mr. Fox from the school library: strangely significant in a spooky way. Check it out!


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  1. That is very sweet. I love that you included the misspellings.

  2. That’s adorable! I like the lemenons!

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  4. Hi,
    I am on a trip,
    blogging reading I mean. 🙂

    I have been here once in a while,
    everytime it seems you get busier and busier.

    I hope Sam is well and still enjoying the lemenons.

  5. Dear little indian,

    It’s lovely to hear from you! We are all well, surrounded by back-to-school supplies at the moment. Sam is very well, and says “Hi!”
    He was just looking over my shoulder with his big brother, trying to remember the name of the park (Luco)where we saw a big fish years ago, and laughing at all the photos we skimmed along the way to try to jog our fading memories.

  6. nice. that reminds me of a poem i wrote ages ago called ELIFANT. it was after a trip to India in which we rode elephants. unsurprisingly, the poem was a lot to do with farts and poop.

  7. How very thoughtful on trees and environment.At the rate we are cutting and burning trees and froests and burning up oil and gas as fast as we can we will surely choke well before 2050. Old fogies will be gone but what of the young and future generations?

  8. came on this by chance in searching for Martin Parry; it made my day. Your son is very talented and I am happy to find a young person who loves trees.

  9. awwe! So cute! :)) Great poem though for an 8 year old! Congrats to him!

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