Windsor Castle 2 Hours Later …

November 6, 2006 at 10:34 pm | Posted in 5th grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, Answer, England, Fun, My photo, Photography, Windsor, Windsor Castle | 2 Comments

What the disappointed Japanese tourists saw:

Invisible Windsor Castle 10AM

Windsor Castle is right in the centre of this picture. You just could not see it at ten o’clock this morning because it was shrouded in river mist 😦

Invisible Eton Boathouses 10AM

Eton boathouses are over there—straight ahead, beyond this silver birch dripping into the River Thames—sorry, but you just could not see them this morning either 😦

Barely Visible Eton Boathouses 10AM

See the famous Eton boathouses now? You can just make out their outlines if you squint!

You can probably tell I was feeling quite sorry for today’s Japanese tourists. They travelled a long way to see something that was not visible!

Windsor Castle Bus Tour Photos 12 Noon

Ahhh …that’s better. Two hours make a big difference. Now you can Hop Off and take some great shots of the Salisbury Tower of Windsor Castle 🙂

So, kids, it is worth having a tiny camera with you at all times. Just in case the river mists roll in … because you never know when you may get the chance to snap a scene and tell a story again.



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  1. I love this morning light, I have to admit some of my best photographs are taken in this light. If you really want to see incredible colors of this world you need photograph at this hour.

  2. […] will be vindicated after today’s dry breeze. (Being a Thameside town, Windsor is more used to river mists.) Now Mediterranean gardens are all the rage in fashionable green magazines […]

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