Postcard from Runnymede

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The Magna Carta was sealed by King John here at Runnymede snow scene postcard

Runnymede today. This meadow near the Thames is where King John of England sealed the Magna Carta (Great Charter) on 15th June 1215, under pressure from the English barons and their leaders. He soon went back on his word: not a bright idea, by all accounts.

The JFK Memorial is in the woods on the right. I stepped through the kissing gate and was on American soil!

This is what the sign at the entrance to the memorial says:


The typical English woodland with its intentionally unkempt appearance is an important element of the memorial. It provides a completely enclosed journey to the crest of the slope and to the memorial stone itself. The wood symbolises the virility and mystery of nature as a life force and it reflects beautifully the scenario of life, death and spirit as the wood changes naturally throughout the seasons.

The memorial stone is reached by climbing the


Special note: there are 50 steps. See my new post with fascinating details about the steps here.

Runnymede American soil JFK Memorial Steps of Individuality leading to Stone

Transatlantic friendships are well represented by this gift from the people of Britain to the United States of America. The British people gave this acre of English ground in memory of John F. Kennedy. A powerful, symbolic gesture; this location in its natural setting is so moving.

Runnymede JFK Memorial gift to USA from British people of an English acre

A year ago we walked there with friends from California, and today I decided to pay another visit alone. Yesterday’s snow was lingering and beautiful …



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  1. Awesome! It must be really cool to have so much history and heritage everywhere you go. I really hope to travel there sometime.

  2. I just love that JFK memorial and I think it’s so cool that Britain donated an acre in his memory. Our two countries have much shared history and that was a beautiful gesture.

  3. Wow, I never knew that! What a touching gesture!

  4. I hope you all get the chance to visit Britain, and take it!

    (The chance, I mean, not Britain.)

  5. […] more about The Steps of Individuality […]

  6. I learn things in the weirdest ways … Who would’ve known that an image search would wind up being a history lesson? Thanks.

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