Tesla unravelled and GROCC recommended for Karen

March 2, 2007 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Climate change, Collaboration, Economics, Electromagnetism, Engineer, Engineering, Environment, France, IET, Science | 2 Comments

Hi Karen,

I just replied to John. Now I am ready to answer your comment #42.

My points:

  • Do NOT track Bearden.

Bearden is promoting a theory that is not supported by scientific models and is not in agreement with standard electromagnetic theory. Bearden is a major proponent of pseudo-scientific scalar field theory. A quick search of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) website, reveals no mentions of Bearden nor of “scalar field theory”.

Red Tesla Roadster from aboveHe is doing what you are keen to show, and by coincidence, I was sharing a video on Tesla Motors’ Chairman with a friend who wrote about the new Tesla Roadster earlier this week, before your “Bearden and Tesla” comment appeared.

You are more likely to be able to achieve your desire for so-called “free energy” using existing technology: install solar panels on your roof and add your name to the list of hopefuls waiting for the Tesla Roadster, available Stateside April 2007. Then look forward to charging your new electric car overnight in your own garage by plugging it into your relatively free energy source, i.e. solar radiation.

I shall now don my shades 😎 in celebration, and in preparation for my first test drive along the World’s Most Beautiful Freeway, I-280 CA. (Just kidding.)

  • Do track GROCC.

The Global Roundtable on Climate Change gives you a stellar list of participants. Again, by coincidence, I posted this list for John earlier this week 😎

I hope this helps, with respect to your statement of interests:

I am interested in solutions. I am in a position to put ideas to people who have a lot of influence and resources, people who are not political but commercial, people who have a strong track record of innovation in technology and who have invested large amounts of money already into seed capitol for other corporations projects developing environmentally friendly technologies. I am primarily PR & communications and from this seat I believe that it is important that my recommendations be about who we align ourselves with (with possible solutions that are well researched and innovative and who are strong leaders who promote agreement rather than discord) as primary. There are others on the team who are in a far better position to judge the science. They are already working on very large (infrastructure) initiatives.



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  1. So you think Bearden’s ideas on free energy by restricting the horizontal movement of agitated electrons is a dead end?

  2. Yes.

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