Dumbra students celebrate

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This is the latest page from the students’ savedumbra guestbook.

Excellent work, kids!

Taylor Tam: He’s been granted tenure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!big grin

1 hour ago


N.J. O.: YES!!!!! We did it!!!!

2 hours ago


avp: YAY!!!!! MR. DUMBRA IS SAVED!!!!:D

3 hours ago


Max: WE DID IT!! MR. DUMBRA WAS GRANTED TENURE!!!!!!!!big grincool

4 hours ago


N.J. O.: Yes!!!! He was granted tenure!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!big grinbig grinbig grin

5 hours ago


Victoria Coleman: Aside of the emotional distress this has caused Mike Dumbra, I think it has been an amazing test for his students. They way they came together to support him ad help him has been nothing short of amazing. I am sure he is very proud of them all. All the good work he has done to develop them into independent, confident, constructive people is paying off!

7 hours ago


Brian: I don’t know Mr. Dumbra personally, but I know one of his friends. Their overwhelming support for him is enough to convince me that he deserves to stay in his position. It’s amazing to see the involvement of the students in this process. Hooray for democracy and power to the people! smile

7 hours ago


pecans: La Entrada without Mr Dumbra????keep Dumbra!!!

10 hours ago


Marie K.: Salvete Omnes! (Hello Everybody!) I have never seen such an outpouring of support from students, alumni, parents and colleagues for a teacher at La Entrada. This goes to show how invaluable Mr. Dumbra has become not only to his students but to our community in just 3 years. How can we not offer him tenure?

11 hours ago


anon: La Entrada will lose more than a great teacher if Mr. Dumbra leaves. It will lose my respect and support. I hope the Board will give Mr. D what he has deserved for awhile. Tenure.

15 hours ago


Andy and Spencer: He is a good teacher and without him who is going to teach the latin program, a very consistant and great program

15 hours ago


Cassie W.: I am in Mr Dumbra’s 6th Grade Latin. he is such a great teacher and i really hope he comes back next year.

15 hours ago


Kelly M: A good question to ask the board at the meeting today might be “Can you briefly explain the tenure process to us?” Inquiring minds want to know!
It is great to see democracy at work here and I too am very proud to be a part of such a caring community.

16 hours ago


inel: Atheneion has written an ode to Mr. Dumbra for today.I hope you will have time to read and reflect on Atheneion the author‘s wise words.

17 hours ago


Ian P.: In English: Mr. Dumbra is a man of great wisdom and great knowledge. Join together hand in hand so that we might help this teacher. He is the master of the universe. Save Mr. Dumbra!cool

1 day ago


Ian P.: Magister Dumbra est vir magnae sapientae et magnae prudientae. Coagmentate manus in mano ut magistrum adiuvaremus. Est magister mundi. Servate Magister Dumbra!

1 day ago


Mrs. B: How amazing that one teacher can inspire so many people. I am very proud to be a part of this community–you kids are great too. What a loss to La Entrada and our kids if he is forced to leave.

1 day ago


savedumbra: Michael: Ok for the future to prevent this kind of mistake, everyone only vote once, if only for the sake of accuracy

1 day ago


Andon Espeseth: Mr. Dumbra, in my oppinion, is possibly the best teacher at La Entrada.

1 day ago


Kelly M: To show support for Mr Dumbra’s Latin classes, maybe students who have JCL T-shirts could wear them to the board meeting tomorrow.Great Web site!

1 day ago


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  1. Hi little ones,
    I would like to join your celebrations.

    It is such a good news
    that you still have your favorite teacher.

    Reading your website,
    I realise how good a teacher he is
    but I would also like to say
    that you are all very very lucky to have such a good teacher.

    If I may add,
    teachers help us learn,
    but it is also up to us to learn
    as much as we can from them.

    So when you give three cheers to Mr Dumbra,
    anyone, one of you, hurrah twice as loud,
    on my behalf. 🙂

    little indian

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