I Count: We can stop climate chaos

March 14, 2007 at 6:44 pm | Posted in Climate chaos, Environment, I count | 1 Comment

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Dear inel,

We here at I Count are feeling pretty excited, because the (British) Government has published a draft Climate Change Bill! What’s so good about this? Well it means that the UK is the first nation in the world to set a legal framework for managing carbon emissions – which we reckon is pretty special and something to be proud of.

And it’s all down to people like you – the carbon saving steps you’ve been taking at home, coming along and being part of the event in Trafalgar Square last November, and just standing up and saying ‘I Count’.

While the publication of the draft Bill is a great first step, it’s not the end of it, problem solved. We’d like to see the Bill go further. There’s going to be a consultation period on this draft. I Count will be making a formal response to the consultation and we’ll be asking you too to let the Government know what you’d like to see in the Bill. We’ll keep you posted on this.

In the meanwhile, enjoy this campaign success! If you’re itching to take I Count carbon saving action right now, check out the new ideas on our website.

I Count Make Noise - We’re stuffed if we leave politics to the kind of people that are interested in it!

That was an email I received hot off the epress, with text I wish to draw to your attention in bold.

What do my friends in America think of Britain’s lead on this?


hope not hype

😎 That’s my motto. Actually, I was tidying some papers today, and found that slogan on a leaflet produced by the Research Councils UK relating to stem cell science. It immediately struck me that we could use such a catchphrase for climate change too.


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  1. Congratulations! Hopefully we will follow…

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