Dress your little Romans with pride!

March 15, 2007 at 1:45 pm | Posted in Ancient Rome, Britain, British History, Roman Britain, School event | 8 Comments

The singing centurion on Ancient Roman Day at school:

ykw sings Roman rock songs

You-know-who has been busy painting his helmet and shield in preparation for this event. It happens on the same day as his guitar lesson, so he has that slung over his right shoulder.*

B suggested the title of this post, remembering the sign we saw in the Roman Bathhouse in Caerleon on Sunday, when we roamed the ancient Roman remains and picked up the basis for ykw’s centurion outfit.

This was a few days after ykw woke one morning and announced that his original inspiration to dress as a hoplite was a bad idea. (I always tell the kids it is OK to change their minds 😉 so he knew he was safe telling us his true feelings.)

He had dreamed he was attacked by the Roman enemy all day today, because it turns out he had forgotten that hoplites were Greek!  So he chose to switch to dressing as an officer of the Roman Army, knowing we had the good fortune of a trip to Caerleon planned anyway:

Dress your little Britons with pride!

* Ykw is lucky he has no homework on Wednesdays, as he would have had to have carried his backpack too. On Mondays he has to take his sports kit for the week into school … we are beginning to think he needs his own sherpa! (Actually, he is his own sherpa, determined, as he is always is, to carry all his gear himself.)



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  1. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! 🙂

    Glad you got to see the baths at Caerleon, too – the amphitheatre, walls and barracks are impressive enough, but the baths are the best display of the lot.

  2. V good …. He ought to be sent up to Hadrian’s wall to stand guard .. !!

  3. What a great outfit! He did a swell job on the painting. One of those shields looks like it’s decorated with crop circles! 🙂

  4. Hi there,
    Great get-up!!! But is the advertisment “for dressing little britons” real. Is there really a supplier of plastic roman gear for children? If so who and where… I’m in Australia.
    cheers, G.

  5. Dear Gina,

    Thanks for your comment.
    Yes, the advert is real. The supplier is in England.
    I have looked back at my photos from the day we visited Caerleon Baths (which has the shop that stocks these items), and have just uploaded two more pictures here and here.
    You can read my remarks on my flickr account.
    As it happens, I am in Wales this weekend, but I expect the Roman Baths at Caerleon to be closed for Christmas holidays. If they are open, I shall ring someone and see if they can tell me the name of the supplier in South East England (which is where I live). One way or another, I should be able to discover the manufacturer, and it is only the Christmas holidays that will slow my effort down. So, please check back sometime or subscribe to my RSS feed if you know how to do that.

  6. hello again,
    That would be fantastic if you could do that. Not sure how to use RSS so if you could notify me or put information up that would be great. From the images you posted it looks great 🙂
    Merry Christmas,

  7. Merry Christmas, Gina. On Friday, we were passing the place where we bought the Roman armour (Roman Fortress Baths, Caerleon) so stopped to see if they were open. Unfortunately not. My sons are happy to visit that ancient site any day.
    Needless to say, I shall keep trying, as I know teachers around the world who would be interested to discover the name of the company that produces these well-researched items.

  8. wow!!!!!!!!!!!

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