Anthropomorphic, anthropogenic, Anthropocene: all human

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Already I have seen some entertaining mix-ups of anthropogenic and anthropomorphic online, so I expect to see Anthropocene and even anthropocenic popping into more globally warm phrases soon. It’s probably a good time for a larger proportion of our Western Civilisation’s population to learn Greek. Oh, and don’t tell any gene scientists, or they may start looking for an anthropogene so it can be eliminated … 😉

Kids, please add suggestions for my anthropogallery here:

IPCC Variations of the Earth’s surface temperature: 140 years global, 1000 years Northern HemisphereIPCC Comparison between modeled and observations of temperature rise since the year 1860IPCC Indicators of the human influence on the atmosphere during the Industrial era1976 to 2000anthropogenicIPCC Global Mean Radiative Forcings 2000 vs. 1750 and the Level of Scientific Understanding of each sourceNOAA national (contiguous U.S.) temperature 1895-2006


Polar bear adapting to global warming by taking to a rowing boatFillmore from Cars by Bethan © BRC 2006Chicken Little ©DisneyFantastic Mr. FoxanthropomorphicEnvironmental Defense Low Carbon DietRobot © Tim Davies 2007


Glacial edge Norway July 2004anthropoceneFishing in Venice lagoonNASA Ayles Ice Shelf before it broke away from Ellesmere Island on August 13 2005Victoria Regina Ind Imp Golden Jubilee statue 1887 (”rain goddess” in this picture!)USGS spiral illustration of geologic times


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