Uunartoq Qeqertoq, the Warming Island born off the coast of Greenland

April 25, 2007 at 10:13 am | Posted in Climate change, Global warming, Google Earth, Greenland, Island, Videos, YouTube | 7 Comments

Watch the video. Look at the maps. Read the latest story below.

This change is real.

Uunartoq Qeqertoq, the Warming Island born off the coast of Greenland

This is a closer view of Uunartoq Qeqertoq.

Uunartoq Qeqertoq, the Warming Island born off the coast of Greenland

Read more about Dennis Schmitt and his discovery in today’s post here:

New Scientist Environment Blog: A new Arctic island is born into our warming world



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  1. Interesting and worrying, especially because UK TV has just shown a programme about how global warming turned the UK into an island, just a few thousand years ago.

    I do wonder, though – whilst I accept that it wouldn’t help to cause panic, create denial, look foolish, or seem uncivilised – can we really ‘overstate’ the potential threat? Over-dramatise, yes – we all know the tale of the boy who cried ‘Wolf!’ and don’t want to be seen as that rash – but if the wolf is in sight, the boy who doesn’t sound an alarm is just as (terminally) foolish.

  2. So… When the ice melted, the island just popped up from the seabed? Or was it already there, simply hidden by the ice? And by the way, if the planet is warming up, it would be because of the encreasing cosmic activity in the entire universe, not humans. Ofcourse we pollute too much, but the only thing we do, is to poison every living thing on the planet, not warming it…
    1. When the ice melted, the ice sheet that connected the mainland to this island broke up, so that this was no longer a part of the peninsula, but a separate island.
    2. Our planet is warming up. (There is no “if”.)
    3. Pollution includes invisible greenhouse gases (e.g. carbon dioxide, methane, …) that “poison” our atmosphere. It is known (scientists have studied this for decades, but now it is general knowledge) that increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide cause the mean global temperature to rise, and also increasing global temperatures cause atmospheric carbon dioxide levels to rise.
    4. We are warming our planet by emitting these invisible pollutants. Our actions affect the non-living atmosphere as well as living things dependent on it.
    5. If you do not have time to watch the video again, take a look at NASA LandSat photos I added for you here.

  3. […] watch the video […]

  4. A map in the book Arctic Riviera, published by Ernst Hofer in 1957, clearly shows this as an island. Since increased ice and snow in the last fifty years made it look like a pennisula, this is not evidence of long-term global warming.

  5. Hello rcrill,

    Thank you for your comment. It is always interesting to hear an alternative view, and your source(s). Is yours from posts dated 31 March 2008 on JunkScience, or WorldClimateReport, or perhaps just after April Fools’ Day on GREENIE WATCH?

  6. Patrick Michales, Senior fellow in Environmental Studies at Cato Institute and a professor at the U of Virginia just published an article and the Warming Island has been noted in other books since 1953 and again in 1957.. and the joke is on inel..
    not rcrill.
    Global warming is a real joke.

  7. Hello Jerry,

    So, global warming is a real joke, and the joke is on me (courtesy Patrick Michaels)?

    Very funny.

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