Good news for climate change secondary education in England

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Yesterday’s Defra Press Release, dated 2 May 2007, made me wonder whether they are handing out these packs to schools in Wales too:

English Secondary Schools Climate Change Pack

A resource pack to help teachers and pupils explore and understand the issues surrounding climate change was sent to every secondary school in England today.

The pack, which includes the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth and a number of other resources, was developed by Defra and the Department for Education and Skills. It is accompanied by online teaching guidance showing how to use the resources in the pack in science, geography and citizenship lessons.

The pack contains:

  • DVD copy of An Inconvenient Truth
  • DVD containing four short films commissioned by Defra:
    • Tomorrow’s Climate, Today’s Challenge
    • My CO2
    • Diaries of the Climate Change Champions
    • The Carbon Cycle animation by Climate Change Champion Sofia Selska
  • A leaflet on the Sustainable Schools Year of Action
  • Links to comprehensive online guidance on how teachers can use these resources in the classroom.

The pack is being sent to nearly 5000 secondary schools in England, and forms part of the Sustainable Schools year of action, which aims to support all schools to become models of sustainable best practice.

Read the full release here …

We have separate education systems in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. I shall have to see what is going on in Cardiff, as I know Edinburgh took pride in announcing plans on this topic ahead of London … 😉


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