Stop climate change: follow the leaders!

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WWF promotes policy frameworks for action:

  • Thailand – the switch from coal to renewable energy
  • Philippines – The Renewable Energy Law finally sees the light
  • UK – planning for 200,000 zero carbon homes annually from 2016
  • Australia – Legal win forces CO2 consideration in planning procedures
  • Brazil – the right law could save US$15 billion, create millions of jobs, and help the climate
  • Europe – Emission trading as main tool to reduce industry emissions

Business and industry partner with WWF to reduce carbon emissions:

  • World – Climate Savers businesses reduce their absolute carbon footprint
  • Netherlands – More than one millions consumers have the Climate Credit Card
  • World – The Gold Standard: a label to guarantee good offset projects
  • India – Power company discovers energy efficiency

YOU can do it – WWF inspires individuals to take action:

  • Switzerland – Share cars and improve climate, your mobility and your purse!
  • Europe – TopTen helps you find the most energy efficient appliances, from fridges to cars!
  • China – 20/20 campaign rallies consumers behind energy efficiency target
  • UK – Unpluggit! One person can make a difference
  • Australia – EarthHour is fun and puts politicians on the spot!
  • Europe – Guaranteed Green energy at your finger tips

‘Bonus Track’:

  • World – Believe it or not: the Kyoto Protocol is a success

🙂 16 WWF Climate Actions with Governments, Businesses and Individuals from around the World

Plus a bonus action!

WWF big panda logo

Extract from the WWF document released today, Thursday 3 May 2007, entitled:


Don’t miss this topics covered in full here:


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  1. Another success in Europe is the rapidly rising awareness, and indeed number of schemes planned for Anaerobic Digestion, and especially for the Anaerobic Digestion of organic waste materials.

    There lots of these wastes, such as segregated domestic and commercial green and food wastes, farm slurries, market wastes, wastes from the food processing industry, waste from crop production etc, plus many are largely at the moment being sent to landfill.

    Use Anaerobic Digestion in your waste disposal techniques and you also reduce volume/mass going to landfills.

    Not only that. Anaerobic Digestion removes the readily degradable portion of the organic matter in municipal wastes, so that even if these materials were then sent to landfill the landfills would be much less prone to odour and settlement, and far less potentially damaging to the environment.

    Wind turbines are very popular and great for renewable power and I am all for them.

    BUT, I hope you don’t mind me talking about what I think should be the next “big thing” after Wind Turbines – Anaerobic Digestion.

    Interested? Visit our site about Anaerobic Digestion which is all about creating renewable energy from waste materials, here.

    Our Anaerobic Digestion web site is all about renewable energy from waste materials here.

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