Here be anthropogenic (sic) dragons ;-)

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Suggested XKCD travel itinerary for kids:

Start your tour way down south on the Wikipedia main island. You know it offers clear entries to help with school projects.  Wikipedia has many images that are in the public domain which means you can use them without worrying about copyright issues. (You need to ask permission to use photos taken by other people, unless they tell you ahead of time it’s OK for school use, remember!)

Now’s the time to head in a northerly direction. Cross the Straits of Web 2.0 to get to a few of your favourite leisure parks: deviantART and Flickr. Linger a while. Write a poem, illustrate your favourite characters, or enjoy photographic views.

Then sail at a leisurely pace over the beautiful Sea of Culture, taking it all in as you head towards the Ocean of Subculture, for a bit of dragon-spotting. I suggest you take care as you make your way past several unidentified islands before landing at RuneScape. You don’t want to damage your sailboat and spend the rest of your days living out scenarios smithing or fishing with RuneScape’s one million members on the Noob Sea coastline, or do you?

Online Communities

Image courtesy XKCD


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