Poor old PC has bitten the dust …

May 9, 2007 at 2:48 am | Posted in Apple, Humour, Mac, PC | 2 Comments

“Daddy needs an upgrade.”

😕 [Applause]

P.S. Uncle Pete, you may be in for a treat soon: spare parts from a PC that has snuffed it! (We know you read my feeds …) Meanwhile, an obituary reminiscent of Spike Milligan’s—

“I told you

I was sick.”

—sounds appropriate.

You see, we need a PC with XP Pro, for certain business applications that will not run on Vista. Interesting visit to PC World today.  The PC Clinic had a 15 foot wide sign declaring:


Make’s?  Oh, dear.  The shop down the road sells VYNULLS, and the local sells POTATOE’S …

Anyway, a scan of the shelves revealed 40 PCs, with 37 all set for “authentic Vista” and 3 for poor old dated XP users: one XP Media Centre *reduced to clear!* and two XP Home. No XP Pro, naturally. As for inauthentic Vista, all I can do is shudder ~~~



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  1. *chuckle* Yeah, Vista doesn’t excite me at all; I’d rather be a year or two behind the bleeding edge. with hardware that my current OS flies on. Most fancy features of any new OS only add to the ‘out of the box’ experience, anyway – and may well conflict with apps that have been giving me the same functions for years. ‘Ooo-shiny!’ doesn’t impress, so I’ll wait until it actually looks useful and useable.

    What bugs me though, is that a few years ago, the 98/Me -> XP move was all about focusing on a single OS suitable for home and business, as that’s far easier to support. Now they want to split it up again? This is why us techies hate marketing departments!

  2. I dislike Vista, too. My mom got it on her new notebook computer and it continuously asks “Are you sure you want to do that?” Hello! I clicked it, didn’t I???

    My next notebook will be a Mac, Lord willing. 🙂

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