Greenish Celeb in Private Eye

May 10, 2007 at 3:16 pm | Posted in Cartoon, Climate change, Humour | 2 Comments

Greenish Celeb in Private Eye

A classic disconnect between head and heart, prompted by an intriguing post by the Old man in a cave, is another aspect to climate change that we need to address.

We need open hearts as well as open minds to empathise with people far away in places we may never see ourselves. I know people can connect over thousands of miles without ever meeting. Children I worked with in California raised money for AIDS orphans in Malawi over a period of three years. Our groups never met, but we felt close the more we learned about each other. A few messages and photos a year, that’s all we shared, but the children developed bonds of caring that you would not believe if you had not witnessed this connection. I did. It makes me think perhaps we should twin places for climate change purposes: instead of twinning with like towns and cities, perhaps twinning with people in dissimilar places would help us in the developed world see climate change from another point of view. Worth a try.



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  1. I like this idea a lot. How about extending it from climate to environment-counterparts? The best option might be to seek to find locations in developed and developing countries with similar geophysical or social characteristics; a small port in the UK matched with a small port in Sri Lanka, for example.

    On this principle, there would also be the opportunity to aid development, mutually support environmental programmes, and see the real, human effects of real action taking place at ground level.

    I think this concept is a winner, and deserves wider discussion. Well done, again, for thinking out of the box.


  2. Wow, deja-vu! Our energy provider recently sent us a leaflet that proudly claimed green energy as a priority… and then offered us an air miles incentive scheme!

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