NOAA workshop: San Francisco Bay is expanding

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San Francisco and Bay seen from Sausalito 31 May 2004

Scientists gathered in San Francisco for the workshop on California climate change, which was sponsored by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

While many Americans have long equated global warming with changes to glaciers and ice caps in the Antarctic, the scientists stressed that climate change is coming to our own backyards.

In fact, said Will Travis, executive director of the San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission, “it’s already here.”

The severity of global warming has not been consistent around the globe, according to researchers. In this country, for example, the westernmost states have been – and will continue to feel – the effects the most.

“The problem of climate change is local. It will have a tremendous impact on San Francisco Bay,” Travis said. And the need for major solutions to slow the warming trend is even more urgent here than in other parts of the country because there’s so much development close to the bay, Travis said.
Sea level rising

One of the most striking examples of climate change can already be seen in the bay, where, because of global warming, the sea level is already seven inches higher than it was little more than a century ago. Scientists expect that, if greenhouse gases are not kept in check and global temperatures continue to rise, the bay could rise an additional 1 to 3 feet by 2100.

Read the full story here:

Global warming enlarging San Francisco Bay, scientists say
by Julie Sevrens Lyons
Mercury News
Article Launched: 05/24/2007 02:22:47 AM PDT

Belvedere across Richardson Bay seen from Sausalito 31 May 2004


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