The cow jumped over the moon

May 26, 2007 at 10:50 am | Posted in California, Cattle, Central Valley, Climate action, Ghg, Greenhouse gases, Methane, Optimism | 1 Comment

Cow over moon by disneyismyhero
To see such fun …

animation by my daughter 😉

California Approves Cow Power Project

The California Public Utilities Commission on Thursday gave the green light for Bakersfield startup BioEnergy to supply up to 3 billion cubic feet of bovine biogas—methane extracted from cow manure—to utility PG&E (PCG). As Green Wombat wrote previously, that’s enough really natural gas to power 50,000 homes. But the project will start small, with the first methane digester installed at BioEnergy founder David Albers’ own 3,000-cow dairy in Fresno County. The 10-year contract calls for BioEnergy to install digesters—which strip out the potent greenhouse gas methane from cow poop—at dairies around California’s Central Valley. The digesters will scrub the resulting gas of impurities and pipe it to power plants to be used to generate electricity. Ideally, this is a classic win-win for the environment and the economy.

California’s nearly 2 million cows, most living on industrial-scale dairies, create a huge and costly waste problem.

Enjoy the rest of this story by Todd Woody at Green Wombat …

Win-win stories are uplifting. This cow power play had my sons giggling at the thought of catching all the world’s cattle methane to power many things, including, of course, “all the hovercrafts in the world!”

We may inform the cows of Boveney who still roam over Dorney Common—ancient lands a few miles from here …

Cows crossing road through Dorney Common

Cows roaming across Dorney Common

Boveney, I just discovered, means ‘above island’ in Anglo Saxon. I always thought it meant ‘bovine place’ because there have been cows roaming these lands since time immemorial. Just goes to show that the obvious is not necessarily the truth 😉


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  1. I have heard biogas digesters called a lot of things but cow power is the nicest.

    The cow jumping the moon animation is very clever. You have a talented daughter.

    Biogas digestion is taking off in Germany with some thousands of biogas plants now working on farms.

    Your image of cow power and the moon is good, I think.

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