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June 1, 2007 at 3:49 pm | Posted in Aerial views, Climate action, Energy efficiency, Heat-loss, Imagery, Insulation, Mapping, Thermal detection, Visual Spatial, Waste | 3 Comments

Hotmapping example from The Future Boy Blog on For Energy Wasters, the Heat Is On

I just found this story about hotmapping and think their geo-rectifying imagery idea is brilliant! What a great way to identify heat-loss from buildings.

Hotmapping sample from hotmapping

Many Americans would no doubt shudder, but Britain has the highest density of CCTV in the world, I have heard, and speed cameras are ubiquitous, so we are being watched pretty much all the time. As far as privacy goes, this heat-detection and mapping comes nowhere close to the level of data the government has on all of us anyway, and it is good for the environment, so I would certainly support the use of this for improving energy-efficiency in major conurbations.

Last year, our council sent a letter asking us to trim back one of our trees that overhangs into the snicket behind our row of terraced houses. No problem. By extension, I see no problem in the council informing householders that they are wasting heat and should check their insulation. If people cannot afford to improve their loft insulation on their own, the council could at least identify areas of concern and figure out ways to raise money or get a bulk deal for insulation for a street at a time, perhaps.

Most people have no clue about the amount of heat lost through their attics. Enhanced visibility into such invisible wastage, with associated costs and climate damage must be worth encouraging.



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  1. Then you haven’t been reading your Coffee House regularly enough then!;


  2. Hi matt,

    You are right! I have been snowed under and moved offices and am right out of touch with hot topics at the Coffee House.

  3. […] Photographs and videos of all types of pollution and how to ’see’ invisible greenhouse gases are sought after by students. These are the best I can find in addition to hotmapping: […]

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