David Attenborough speaks on climate change

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A change in the moral climate?

Interview by James RandersonHumans have “no alternative” but to try to stop global warming. Photograph: Andy Rain/EPA
Saturday June 2, 2007
The Guardian

Viewpoint: David Attenborough

A change in the moral climate?

Sir David Attenborough said yesterday that he detected signs of a “moral change” in the public’s attitude to global warming. …

… The environmentalist and veteran broadcaster said: “I am perfectly persuaded that the issue about global warming is a real one and we are headed for a great worsening of the conditions on this planet for life of all kinds. I have no doubt whatsoever of the cause, which is the byproducts of humanity’s activities, and therefore we should be curbing them.”

… “It is pie in the sky to say that everybody has got to stop doing everything. That’s why the emphasis is on waste,” he said, “Me of all people. I have spent my life swanning around the world on aeroplanes. How could I suddenly turn around and say it is wrong? What I’m saying is that we shouldn’t be doing it for no good reason.”

Sir David was speaking in advance of his Joseph Rotblat memorial lecture at the Guardian Hay festival today. Prof Rotblat was a nuclear physicist who received the Nobel peace prize for his campaign against nuclear weapons. The lecture is staged by the Weapons of Mass Destruction Awareness Programme and speakers are chosen annually for their significant contribution to communicating scientific issues to the public. Sir David will use his lecture to talk about the consequences of climate change for the natural world.

He said he was sceptical of George Bush’s belated attempts to seize the climate agenda by announcing a rival plan to the Kyoto protocol on Thursday. “I listened with incredulity to the news and saw him winking away… It is a pity he didn’t say, ‘yes I’m sorry, I have now seen the evidence and you are right. The world is changing and we’ve got to do something’,” said Sir David. “But that is beneath his dignity, his power or his position to say that, apparently.

“It can’t help that suddenly he wants to start a completely new tactic and policy after we’ve been struggling with it for as long as we have,” he said. “Blair says it is welcome – well, as Mandy Rice-Davies said, ‘He would say that, wouldn’t he’.”

(Read the complete article here …)

For another encouraging piece about people taking serious steps, with a responsible attitude, to tackle climate change, there’s another recent Attenborough story in The Environmentalist:

Attenborough launches new climate campaign

and in the Guardian:

HSBC pledges $100m to combat climate change


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