Dear Tony, Please stand up to George (it’s your last chance!)

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Geoffrey Lean: The world must isolate Bush over climate changeTony Blair needs to stop making nice with America at the G8 if he is serious about saving the planet

03 June 2007

Tony Blair may have only a little more than three weeks left in office, but that gives him plenty of time for his greatest ever international triumph, or for his biggest betrayal yet. How he handles his relationship with President George Bush over the next week is likely to determine whether or not the world will seize the best (and quite possibly the last) chance of tackling global warming before it is too late.This weekend, the familiar scent of betrayal is in the air, as the Prime Minister appeared once again to rush to provide cover for his war-mate in the White House, just as it looked as if he may finally be forced by being isolated, both at home and abroad, to change his ways.

Skim the entire article to see what I am worried about

(TB needs to watch Love Actually and learn from the famous scene where the British Prime Minister stands up for what he truly believes in at a press conference with the President of the United States of America.)

Update #1:

PREVIEW: Bush isolated on climate change heading into G8
By Tony Czuczka, dpa
Eds: Bush to arrive in Prague Monday
Sunday, June 03, 2007

Washington (dpa) – US President George W Bush heads to this year’s Group of Eight summit determined to block binding cuts in greenhouse-gas emissions, leaving him isolated among other rich-nation leaders who favour stronger action on global warming.

On a European trip that starts Monday in the Czech Republic and ends in Bulgaria a week later, Bush also wants to show resolve in rebuffing Russian objections to US plans for a missile defence system in Eastern Europe.

Update #2:

Bush faces isolation on climate at G8 talks

By Fiona Harvey in London and David Pilling in Tokyo

Published: June 3 2007 21:06 | Last updated: June 3 2007 21:06

George W. Bush Sunday night appeared likely to split the world’s eight richest nations on the eve of their summit, despite a last-ditch intervention by Tony Blair, the British prime minister, over global warming.

Climate change will dominate what looks like being a tense three-day summit of the Group of Eight leading industrial economies beginning on Wednesday as Germany, present chairman of the club, and the US squabble over how to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Blair, speaking in Berlin on Sunday before meeting Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor, said the summit should set goals for reducing carbon emissions, pledge to establish a global carbon market and commit to the United Nations-led Kyoto process on climate.


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