Junior G8 = J8

June 3, 2007 at 9:42 am | Posted in 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, Children, Climate change, Environment, G8, Global warming, J8, Middle School, Pollution, Students | 1 Comment

We do not want our climate to change: we want people to change!

This does not answer your question directly, fergus, but it does represent feedback from kids.

Everyone knows that life on Earth will be worse if we do not stop pollution now. Don’t just sit there—DO something!

Time marches on. Don’t let it trample on us by making our climate worse and making us worry about things like global warming.

Adults have created climate problems for children to inherit—that’s not fair!

Take responsibility.

Groan-ups are always telling kids what to do and how to behave and giving them deadlines. We want grown-ups to sort out the problems, because kids can’t really do much, in terms of science and so on …

Adults have invented a world of waste. Yuck! Clean it up.

Work together and have competitions to make the best gadgets and solutions for the world: energy-efficient and fun.

Children like their friends and nature; they do not know about economics and politics.

Kids do not want to see plants and animals becoming endangered or extinct because groan-ups (sic) could not agree on which colour of bucket to use to put the fire out.

Just DO it!

Adults discuss useless irrelevant things most of the time. Stop the gossip! Start your work!

Listen to the scientists. Do as they say. Have fun learning about greenhouse gases and other chemistry facts too!

When the sun’s rays come down, that makes the ground and the sea get warm, and that pulls water up and out. Then that water vapour makes clouds, and that makes rain. Then the sun’s rays come down again, to pull more water up and out, to make more clouds, to make more rain. I just don’t understand why the rain isn’t getting warmer … but I know that is the water cycle …

I like geeks: they invented the internet and all the ones I have met are nice (geeks, I mean, not internets). I wish they would invent global cooling to bring our planet’s temperature back to normal again.

Actions speak louder than words.

G8 has a junior summit called J8.

P.S. Every year, bar one, has been “the hottest year on record” for each of my own children’s lives. What do we think we are playing at?! Extra sunscreen to get through each school day in California is not a long-term answer.

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  1. The idealism of youth always inspires hope in us. A thought to add to these, perhaps: how much longer will we continue to allow others to sacrifice what we have for what they want?

    And a question for each young person: what is it that you will do, today, (or for the rest of your life), which can help make the future better?

    For me, the answer today is ‘Be heard’.


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