Seeing invisible greenhouse gases

June 3, 2007 at 1:04 pm | Posted in Climate change, Ghg, Global warming, GoogleVideo, Greenhouse gases, Photos, Videos, Visual aids, Visual Spatial, YouTube | 3 Comments

Photographs and videos of all types of pollution and how to ‘see’ invisible greenhouse gases are sought after by students. These are the best video clips I can find in addition to hotmapping photo images:

Details on this clip (and other ways to view it in crisper form) from Act On CO2 at Climate Challenge

Another powerful visualisation of GHG showing invisible causes and effects is in this 2-minute video clip from the UK government:

Tomorrow’s climate is today’s challenge

Details on this clip (and other ways to view it in crisper form) from DEFRA

More climate challenge films from DEFRA …

Back by popular demand is the video of two experiments with sulfur hexafluoride:



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  1. […] plenty of room to save on energy usage, and every little bit helps. I found this video recently at inel, which I think describes very succinctly what it is that can be done to help make a difference. As […]

  2. Here’s a SF6 video

  3. Thank you so much, john—your videos are brilliant!
    The sodium hexafluoride tricks remind me of Royal Society Christmas lectures. (Unfortunately, I cannot find them online … otherwise I’d show you.)
    Finger knitting is cool. We used to use old cottonreels with four nails hammered into them to do the same kind of knitting for a long tubular piece of seamless fabric.

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