Sherlock Holmes Museum 221b Baker Street

June 10, 2007 at 4:50 am | Posted in Baker Street, London, My photo, Postcard, Sherlock Holmes | 3 Comments

Postcard for Kelly and Steven! We hope to visit the most famous address in the world later this year.

Postcard from Sherlock Holmes Museum London



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  1. The ‘copper’ posed for me when I took this picture!

  2. Thanks for showing me your picture — what a great shot! My copper was looking inside his helmet when I stopped to take a quick photo; he promptly put his helmet back on and leaned casually against the railing. Very amusing.

  3. one thing that i don’t get about baker street, is this… it says here ( that the house isn’t 221b at all — but 239. in your photograph above you can see that the next house along is 241… but the photographs that i have seen of the actual door (behind your helpful policeman) clearly show the number as 221b.
    extremely confusing! what has happened to numbers 221 to 239? that is a mystery worthy of sherlock holmes himself.

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