What’s a Queen to do?

June 14, 2007 at 6:58 am | Posted in England, Fashion, Funny, HM the Queen, Humour, My photos, Photography, Royalty, Windsor | 1 Comment

My most hilarious birthday card …

My most hilarious birthday card


Thanks for this, from cardMIX, Sarah!

Very appropriate, given my attire, which does not include a knotted headscarf, despite the kids telling me I am medieval 😉

As you know, I often wear one of my own hooded sweatshirts to Thames Valley Police and RBWM Council meetings, especially during the winter months when I walk into town on a cold evening. Categorising people, especially classing them as villains, solely on account of what they choose to wear is daft. Furthermore, the image on this birthday card is much better than my own photo of HM Queen Elizabeth II as she left Windsor Castle one day. See her there? Well, she is there, in the passenger seat. I assure you!

(Most tourist snaps are like this, or worse, I guess. Ah, well … I may have another chance to see Her Majesty next Monday, as it will be Garter Day. The most important and exciting day of the year! Well, one of them.)

my photo


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  1. Good luck and say hi to the Queen for me!!

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