Global warming alarmists are a clever bunch 2

June 17, 2007 at 1:35 pm | Posted in Climate change, Propaganda | 3 Comments

Global Warming and its Evil Twin ‘Climate Change’

So clever they have posted a piece on the web with that title.

It is so popular, ‘Global warming alarmists are a clever bunch’ has been reproduced at 104 URLs on a web search and 2 URLs in Canada Free Press and AXcess News on a news search. The latter has just made it through to the Care2 member network.  Ironic?

Sunday update! One day later, there are now 10,900 URLs sporting the phrase

Global warming alarmists are a clever bunch

on a web search though still only 2 URLs on a news search.



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  1. Hi inel,

    Just to let yourself & your readers know, I’ve started a new blog today called ‘Environment Solutions’. I’m focusing on positive news that details, as the blog title says, solutions for the environment. My first post is on current progress with renewable energy in the US;

    Everyone is welcome is report good news over at ‘Environment Solutions’!


  2. Now THAT is a good idea!

    I shall visit soon and help you spread the silver lining instead of dark clouds.

    Thanks for telling me, matt. There is so much good news it could do with a place of its own. I shall add you to my blogroll soon.

  3. Absolutely! It simply came to me over the weekend that the positive needs highlighting. That’s the only way we can resolve environmental ‘challenges’.

    Thanks inel 🙂

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