Royal Family Garter Day photos

June 20, 2007 at 1:04 pm | Posted in 2007, Ceremonial, England, Garter Day, My photos, Order of the Garter, Photography, Procession, Royalty, Windsor, Windsor Castle | Leave a comment

More photos are in my Garter Day 2007 Flickr slideshow. Participants appear in the order of procession. Click on any photo to find out who it is, or what role that person has. I did not take photos of all the people in the procession. You can tell that it is a spectacular event, involving many people, and the whole thing went so smoothly and calmly it was wonderful!

We were lucky the rain held off. Several grey-haired attendees near me were sporting wet-weather headgear that would make Jemima Puddleduck proud. They wore spotted plastic bonnets most of the afternoon, even though it did only spit with rain once or twice. Well, it had rained before 11am.

Eventually, a decision had to be made at a certain time by a certain person as to whether the weather would require Her Majesty and entourage to arrive by car. The decision was made to walk. Shortly after that, a large black could passed overhead and dropped a few spots of rain. One of the concerned elderly ladies asked the young policewoman near me what would happen if the Queen got wet.

“Don’t worry ~ she’s waterproof!”

came the cheerful reply, and, seeing the elderly ladies were taken aback, the officer continued:

“Just like you and me. She’ll dry out.”



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