Global Warming: What the U.S. Public Thinks

June 22, 2007 at 4:58 am | Posted in America, Choices, Climate change, CO2 emissions, Electricity bill, Electricity generation, Fuel efficiency, GHG emissions, Global warming, Greenhouse gases, NewScientist, Policy, Poll, Public opinion, Stanford University, US, Vehicle fuel, Voters | 2 Comments

NewScientist Exclusive Poll on Global Warming ~ What the U.S. Public Thinks

See the fascinating report,

Exclusive Global Warming Poll: The Buck Stops Here

20 June 2007

by Peter Aldhaus in this week’s edition of NewScientist for more details. Enlightening.



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  1. Very enlightening. Just shows how desperately the US needs a change of government. While those in power always look after their business backers, Bush’s cowboys have taken this to such an extreme that listening to the voters just doesn’t interest them. Roll on 2008 because there is so much positive stuff happening at state level in the US.

  2. This survey is encouraging, and illustrates how out-of-touch the administration is—with reality, possibility and the electorate.

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