The long and short of it.

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Beware tricksters!

That’s the short of it. The long tale is here and illustrates one of many ways fringe climate scientists peddle their doubts to the public. Doubt and confusion are their products.


Puppet Master

P.S. The Jester (top) and The Puppet Master (above) were brilliant at the Medieval Fair. Absolutely brilliant!

The Jester had us in stitches as he cajoled young kids into learning to juggle, by showing them how easy it was and asking them if they would like to try. When they agreed (as most kids did) he tried to hand them one skittle, and every time, he dropped it, but made it look like they were dropping it. It was hilarious. Time-after-time it was funny—and they came back for more. Very clever.

The Puppet Master had the bone dry wit of a true Northerner, which is always charming in the South of England. He was quite stern, to the point of intimidating even the adults in the audience at times, so we all paid attention, in fear of what he might do if he asked us a question and we were caught out! He had a truly wicked sense of humour—just as well when he played the part of the devil and St. George alternately as they fought in a dastardly duel to the death, after practising on the dragon, of course 😉


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