Deadly lightning kills camels

June 25, 2007 at 4:15 pm | Posted in Animals, Camels, Lightning, My photos, Photography, Rain, Shelter, Storms, Umbrellas, Weather | 2 Comments

This is a tragic story.

I include it here for all the friends who sheltered under the horse chestnut trees with us on Saturday during a school Sports Day downpour.

Sports Day shower

We skipped across to the sports hut after one person was rather concerned that hiding under a tree during lightning was pretty dangerous. The thing is, we were below the ramparts of Windsor Castle, and the Round Tower has a significant lightning conductor attached, so I doubted that we were in any real danger in our original tree shelter. On the other hand, my mother knew a lady in her Welsh village who was struck by lightning on two separate occasions—while she was washing saucepans at the kitchen sink both times, so you can never be too careful, I guess!

Now I have had a quick look for my photo of the lightning conductor in Windsor Csatle, and cannot spot it immediately.  However, I came across another of my favourite rainy day shots.  Look at this Castle Warden, telling his tales with panache despite the rain!

 Windsor Castle Warden provides guided tour under umbrella



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  1. Well, that would put me off doing the dishes!

  2. Definitely a good reason to leave the washing up alone during a thunderstorm like the one we had earlier today. Although, we live in a flood plain, not on top of a Welsh hill, so I really have no excuse!

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