Counter-productive power demand in Israel’s heatwave

June 28, 2007 at 3:23 pm | Posted in Electricity, Heatwave, Israel, Power demand | 1 Comment

Heatwave leads to record power demand in Israel

Oooh … this is a problem as developed countries demand more power when temperatures rise. Solar panels needed!

In Britain, where air-conditioning is rare, we just swelter in the heat, but businesses in California do make me despair during spells of high temperatures. A trip to the store because the a/c is on such a low temperature the hairs stand up on your bare arms, I think we have gone too far—way too far. Many offices in the Bay Area are too chilly for me, and I still don’t want ice in my drinks … so I must come across as totally uncivilised.


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  1. I live in Israel, and the heatwave this week has been pretty bad.

    I agree with you on over-airconditioning, though. Like most home here in Israel, we don’t have central air. We just a single unit in our bedroom, which we set about 6 degrees below outdoor temps with low fan. It’s enough for comfort, and we have the kids sleep in our room for now.

    For the rest, we just open windows and let the breeze blow through the apartment. It works OK.

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