UK and World Climate Champions

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New survey results released today by The Nielsen Company and Oxford University, and available from both the Environmental Change Institute and Nielsen Media Research show public opinions on climate champions are as follows:

Richard Branson is UK Choice for Green Champion

Women vote for Geldof; Under 20s for Beckham and Johnny Depp

A global survey of 47 countries with over 26 thousand participants has found that UK participants have chosen Sir Richard Branson as the best person to lead a campaign to combat climate change.

Branson, with 23%, led a group including Bob Geldof (2nd/18%), Nelson Mandela (3rd/14%), Bill Clinton (4th/13%), and Al Gore (5th/12%) (see Chart 1).

However Branson did not have it all his own way. UK women chose Geldof ahead of him, while people under the age of 20 had David Beckham and Johnny Depp in their top two places, with Branson in fourth place behind Nelson Mandela.

The “under 25s” went for Geldof ahead of Branson, but for older age groups, Branson led the group of global celebrities, politicians, and sports stars: the “55 years and over” put Branson a full 11 percentage points ahead of Geldof.

Read more in today’s official PRESS RELEASE: “Richard Branson is UK Choice for Green Champion” as a PDF … 

Global Consumers Vote Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and Kofi Annan

Most Influential to Champion Global Warming Cause: Nielsen Survey

Bill Clinton and Nelson Mandela also make it into Top Five ranking

2 July OXFORD — Former US vice-president and recent environmental celebrity Al Gore has topped the list of most influential people to champion the cause of global warming in a 47-country Internet survey conducted by The Nielsen Company and Oxford University.

Nearly one in five global consumers (18%) picked Al Gore as the most influential spokesperson to champion the global warming debate, ahead of former United Nations head, Kofi Annan (15%), with Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton tying as third choice (14% each). Ranked fifth with eleven percent of global votes was former South African president, Nelsen Mandela.

A ‘dream ticket’ for climate ambassadors would include Al Gore and Kofi Annan, who polled as first or second choices in the most countries, together covering 34 of the 47 countries in Nielsen’s Internet survey.

Read more in today’s official  PRESS RELEASE: “Global Consumers Vote Al Gore, Oprah Winfrey and Kofi Annan” as a PDF …


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