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Hostages to a hoax

  • July 07, 2007

… This is not the first time scientists have talked rubbish. Absurd theories come and go in science all the time. … Many scientists build whole careers talking out of their hats. But usually it goes unnoticed. There is no real harm done.


But global warming theory is different. It cannot be ignored. It is intruding into our lives to an extraordinary extent, shaping domestic and international policy in profound ways.


I urge readers to look at the evidence themselves. (We have assembled many relevant papers on a dedicated website, http://www.great global warming The global warmers try to discourage a close examination of the data. They say the time for debate is over, that there’s a consensus of scientists who say it’s definitely true. But this is rubbish. Check out http://www.o i s and find an extraordinary petition carrying the names of 17,000 scientists who disagree.

The basic facts are as follows …

… CO2 has demonstrably never driven climate in the past. (Examine the ice core data at http://www.C O 2 …

… But the present alarm is not based on observational data. It is based on models. …

… Global warming is a political theory. It’s rarely stated, but we all know it. People on the Left tend to believe it. People on the Right tend not to. …

… Who should you believe? There is nothing for it but to be grown up about it and look at the evidence yourself.


Here’s some to get you going: the two graphs on this page, published in Geophysical Research Letters Volume 32, 2005 by a leading astrophysicist from Harvard University. The one on the right compares temperature change in the Arctic during the 20th century with levels of CO2.


The one on the left compares the same temperature record to variations in solar activity as recorded, independently, by scientists from NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


The question posed by the astrophysicist is a simple one. What is driving the Earth’s climate? Is it CO2 or is it the sun?


Martin Durkin is a British television producer and director.

He wrote this Hostages to a hoax piece for publication last Saturday in the Science and Nature section of The Australian. Given his comment that he is writing about a political theory, I wonder why his piece was not posted in Opinions, Op-Eds, or Politics?


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