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The Flood Map in the SL4 5BP Area 20 July 2007

The Environment Agency sent me our current local flood map today, 20 July 2007, to share with neighbours. It is for our information as long as you and all other recipients know that you must also comply with the Notice for the supply of Environment Agency Information which is pasted below this link to our map:

The Flood Map in the SL4 5BP Area 20 July 2007

Notice for the supply of Environment Agency information(Standard Notice, Non-commercial)

Nothing in this notice will in any way restrict your statutory or any other rights of access to the Information. If you wish to do anything in excess of those rights you may do so in accordance with the following paragraphs only if you agree to all the terms.

All intellectual property rights in the documents, data or information supplied to you (referred to as “the Information”) whether owned by the Environment Agency (referred to as “Agency Information”) or third parties (referred to as “Third Party Information”) will continue to be owned by them.

The Information has not been prepared to meet your or anyone else’s individual requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that the Information meets your needs.

The Environment Agency cannot ensure and therefore gives no promise that the Information in its possession will always be accurate, complete, up to date or valid.

The Environment Agency will take reasonable precautions to ensure that we provide you with an accurate copy of the Information from our records.

If we have specified that you must pay us for supply of the Information you must pay us before we respond to your request. You will only be able to cancel and request your fee back up to the point when we start work on providing the requested information.

If you have asked for the Information to be supplied in an electronic format we cannot guarantee that either the disk or the data file is free of any defects and you should check it for viruses and other items that may affect your computer.

Use of Third Party Information, including copying, must be limited to statutory rights. This generally means that you will need to seek permission to copy. Third Party Information may include information from our public registers which has been supplied to us by a third party, for example the information provided in an application form.

Permitted use of Agency Information

You may use Agency Information for your own use provided that the use is not for or related to any commercial, business, professional or other income generating activity, and is not detrimental to the Environment Agency, its activities or the environment. For more detail on what we regard as commercial please see the commercial re-use of information pages on our website. This does not stop you from charging if you fall under the obligations of the Freedom of Information Act and you are applying an authorised charge in response to a request for information. As long as you comply with these restrictions you may:

  • take copies (including taking text extracts) for use by yourself, provided that any extract is a complete piece of information in its own right, is not taken out of context and is not in any other way misleading (simple non-commercial internal use); or
  • use or present Information (other than text extracts) in different ways e.g. by creating a new table or diagram, provided that this is not misleading and not supplied to anyone else (complex non-commercial internal use); or
  • give copies to others or publish copies (including putting it on a website or distributing multiple copies) provided you copy the Information exactly as it is (other than re-sizing, typeface or file format). If the information is supplied to you in “GIS” or database formats you may only put it on a website as a screen grab or fixed image. You must either attach a copy of this notice and tell recipients that they must also comply with this notice, or you must acknowledge the Environment Agency’s ownership of its Information by adding the words “© Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 20xx. All rights reserved” using the year you receive the data from us if we have not indicated what year to use (simple non-commercial external use).

Please contact us if you need permission for any other use.

It is important that you also read any additional information or warning we give you about specific Information.

That is the Notice that I have to supply with the above map.

N.B. This is NOT a map of areas that were flooded today. It is a map of flood risk, that was sent to me to assist us in our Neighbourhood Watch discussions of our local risk of flooding.


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