SciAm PhysSci behind Climate Change

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Scientific American Feature Article
August 2007 issue

The Physical Science behind Climate Change

Why are climatologists so highly confident that human activities are dangerously warming the earth?

By William Collins, Robert Colman, James Haywood, Martin R. Manning and Philip Mote

For a scientist studying climate change, “eureka” moments are unusually rare. Instead progress is generally made by a painstaking piecing together of evidence from every new temperature measurement, satellite sounding or climate-model experiment. Data get checked and rechecked, ideas tested over and over again. Do the observations fit the predicted changes? Could there be some alternative explanation? Good climate scientists, like all good scientists, want to ensure that the highest standards of proof apply to everything they discover.

And the evidence of change has mounted as climate records have grown longer, as our understanding of the climate system has improved and as climate models have become ever more reliable.

… continued at Scientific American Digital

and if, like me, you are not a subscriber to Scientific American DIGITAL, and have to wait until you can buy a copy at the newsagent’s, you can thank sean aqui over at Midtopia for his excellent write-up of the article’s main points.


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