NEWSWEEK COVER: Global Warming Is A Hoax*

August 6, 2007 at 11:08 pm | Posted in Alarmists, Climate change, Delusion, Denial, Deniers, Global warming, Hoax, Newsweek, Optimism | 6 Comments

* Or so claim well-funded naysayers who still reject the overwhelming evidence of climate change. Inside the denial machine. By Sharon Begley. 

The August 13 issue of Newsweek (on newsstands Monday, August 6), headlines “Global Warming Is A Hoax*” and examines the history of global warming denial and how well-funded naysayers who still reject the overwhelming evidence of climate change have obfuscated the science of global warming, misled the public and provided cover for policy-makers to do nothing.

Newsweek US Cover Global Warming is a Hoax 13 August 2007

Hey matt & Co.,

I think you get a different cover story about Beijing on Newsweek International this week. So, I shall just point you to the US copy in this press release, which refers to Newsweek’s The Truth About Denial story, and the interactive Global Warming Timeline. If you are interested, you can read what we are being served up Stateside these days.

The denialists are alarmists: they scare ordinary folk by making them fear the financial costs and loss of control involved in combatting climate change. Those who control energy control the economy. They also want to control hearts and minds in America.

As for me, I am an optimist: I can see the benefits and opportunities that open up as we tackle the problem of global warming with energy-efficient, carbon-reducing and climate-favoring lifestyles, and the challenges ahead are exciting rather than overwhelming.

Now, if only we could acquire and install solar panels on our roof quickly and easily, we’d be well away … !



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  1. I’m not sure who invents these new words like “denialist” but if by it they mean people who take a look at the alarming claims of those who insist that global warming is imminent and a huge danger, and then read some of the scientific basis for these claims and come away unconvinced, then I’m a “denialist”. Of course, the temperature of the earth fluctuates, it always has done and always will but that is no excuse to allow a bunch of hysterical ‘commissars’ loose to boss the rest of us around, particularly when some of these people, usually the leaders, have other political and social axes to grind.

    Incidentally, no-one, to my regret, funds me!

  2. Excellent review, inel. As for solar panels etc. – that’s becoming easier every day, but it’s still a daunting project for many. On the other hand, small changes (like those suggested at i-count and earthlab – among many) – and “lo-tech” solutions (e.g.s at the sietch) quickly add up to significant savings in both carbon footprint and money!

  3. I don’t think James Hansen (NASA’s chief climate scientist) has “political and social axes to grind.”

    If it were just politicians telling us global warming is a problem, and fossil-fuel industries telling us it’s not, I wouldn’t listen to either one. It’s the *scientists* who are telling us it’s a problem. I’ve read MOST of the scientific basis for these claims, and I’ve been thoroughly convinced.

  4. You closed minded non-scientific morons that follow Gore and other cretins off the global warming cliff make me ill.

  5. Dear Justice is Served,

    Thanks for your comment. The people you refer to are scientists, mathematicians and engineers. Perhaps you would be well advised to choose another blog at which to spit your venom.


  6. I think it’s just the opposite. it’s the global warming supporters who are trying to scare people into spending all their money on new products. things that aren’t necessary.

    The climate fluctuates. These same scientists who support evolution are now trying to stop the planet from “evolving.” It’s riddiculous.

    Climate change is real. It is really happening and it doesn’t matter

    although i do agree with the people who think that these new “green” products benefit the enviroment and save money.

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