Nunatak ‘Would you do it all again’ lyrics

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Would you do it all again

Would you do it all again?
Would you do it all the same?
Would you tell the same old yarns?
Would you make the same mistakes?

Come away
Come away
Come away
Come away

The history is on the wall
Telling stories of before when we walked across the bay
Now things have changed
But the distance stays the same.

Come away
Come away
Come away
Come away

Many thanks to:

  • Linda Capper of British Antarctic Survey (BAS) who contacted the band and obtained these lyrics for all to enjoy
  • Sheila Anderson of Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) who helped me get in touch with Linda
  • Nunatak for inspiring so many people around the world with their performance for Live Earth on 7.7.07 at the British Antarctic Survey Rothera Research Station, Antarctica

Nunatak’s line up is:

  • Matt Balmer, physics engineer, on vocals and guitar
  • Tris Thorne, communications engineer, on fiddle
  • Ali Massey, marine biologist, on sax
  • Roger Stilwell, polar guide, on bass guitar
  • and Rob Webster, meteorologist, on drums

Now you can watch them again, and sing along!  Then send them a message on the YouTube site.


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