Canada CBC Newsworld ~ The Truth About Global Warming/ Can We Save Planet Earth?

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Monday August 27, 2007 at 10pm ET/PT on CBC Newsworld
According to the legendary broadcaster and naturalist Sir David Attenborough, climate change is the biggest challenge facing the world, “We’ve reached a tipping point and we must act now to save our planet.”Widely considered one of the pioneers of the nature documentary, Sir David Attenborough has written and presented ten major series surveying nearly every aspect of life on Earth. Long criticized by environmentalists for not using his mesmerising platform to push the green message, Attenborough has taken up the battle cry for global warming with this new series. Of the impending crisis, Attenborough warns, “Now… when we look at the graphs of rising ocean temperatures, rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and so on, we know that they are climbing far more steeply than can be accounted for by the natural oscillation of the weather.”

As he travels the world, Attenborough illustrates how thousands of plant and animal species are already on life support. Hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves and forest fires are happening with more regularity and intensity than ever before and in a matter of decades, some coastal communities could be entirely under water. Attenborough argues that it is our collective responsibility to be aware of how our everyday actions impact the earth, “I’ve been lucky in my lifetime to see some of the greatest spectacles that the natural world has to offer. Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy—inhabitable by all species.”

I hope my Canadian cousins will be able to watch this new series starting on CBC Newsworld tomorrow! It aired in the UK in May 2006, and I thought it was shown in Canada shortly afterwards. I guess I was wrong about that. Anyway, you can find out more about Sir David’s commitment to our climate challenge here, and also watch embedded Google videos for Part I: Are We Changing Planet Earth? and Part II: Can We Save Planet Earth?

These two programmes presented by Sir David Attenborough form a documentary about climate change. Although you can watch full versions on Google video now, as with all his work most footage is so visually stunning that you will find this documentary much more impressive on telly!

P.S. I wonder when this two-part series will be broadcast in the United States? It was produced jointly by BBC and Discovery Channel, but so far I am only aware of it being shown in the UK on the BBC, and more recently it was uploaded to videoDOTgoogleDOTcoDOTuk so anyone can watch anywhere in the world, but that does not compare with watching on your own TV.



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  1. Actually (and unfortunately) it is unlikely that either of these two shows will be broadcast in the United States (though they have been shown at various film festivals). I know I would dearly love to see them released on DVD.

    The BBC and the Discovery Channel did co-produce the show but then what occured was that the Discovery Channel re-edited the programs and broadcast it as a show called “Global Warming: What You Need to Know” in the middle of 2006. Among the changes was replacing David Attenborough as presenter with Tom Brokaw.

    Can these complete shows in their original form be found online?

  2. Hello Dennis,
    Both shows in their original form were available online at Google video, and I embedded them in my earlier posts:
    Part I: Are We Changing Planet Earth?
    Part II: Can We Save Planet Earth?
    Unfortunately, they have been removed and I cannot find them elsewhere.
    (I hope that means they will be available as a DVD in North America …)

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