Childhood innocence

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Queen Elizabeth II 80th birthday walkabout Windsor

Last year, our children were in town with H.M. Queen Elizabeth II on her 80th birthday. She was on walkabout in Windsor, meeting crowds of well-wishers who sang the birthday song as she passed. Our eldest son was at Windsor Castle’s King Henry VIII gate, where the guards struck up the first chords of “Happy Birthday”.  In fact, he was very near the Queen at that starting point of her walk, but could not hear what she was saying as the big bass drum was “really, really loud, right next to my ears!”

Meanwhile, our youngest stood next to a classmate who offered Her Majesty flowers. The gift was accepted with a friendly smile and a word of appreciation to the young girl “in a soft Queen-like voice” and then the bunch of blooms was gently passed on to a lady-in-waiting. When I asked my son how close he was to the Queen during this gift-giving, he paused, then said “Well, I think I could have touched Her Royal Elbow … if I had wanted to …”

As we left San Francisco on Friday, the three kids were discussing how nice it is to meet the Queen in town, and hope they see her again soon walking around Windsor Castle or the Great Park (!)  Then they wondered out loud whether children in Washington DC see the President walking round the White House gardens and get the chance to chat with him. Well, we explained, it’s not quite the same situation …

This morning, one of the top stories being emailed from New York Times gives a whiff of the not-so-pretty picture Stateside.
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