Polar bear limerick #2

September 9, 2007 at 8:59 am | Posted in Climate change, Emissions reductions, Environment, Global warming, Greenhouse gases, Habitat loss, Poems, Polar bears, Range | 2 Comments

A thin polar bear called Onassis
Moaned “Why can’t you get off your asses?
It’s clear climate change
Is reducing my range
So you must make big cuts to bad gases!”

Polar bear adapting to global warming by taking to a rowing boat

This polar bear climbing into a rowing boat is doing both: reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and preparing for the impacts of climate change!



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  1. poor guy we need to use ozone friendly products that will block out some of the heat. (lucky people that died and don’t have tu take care of this

  2. Hi jyde,

    Yes, poor polar bear. We definitely need to use products that produce less greenhouse gases. For example, we could use renewable energy sources (solar, wind and hydro, for example) instead of fossil fuels (such as coal, gas and oil).
    We need to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases we emit, because they trap heat in our atmosphere. Like many things, some greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is OK, and has provided temperatures that life on Earth has adapted to over time, but too much gas released to rapidly can be dangerous.

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