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BREAKING NEWS: Global warming ‘is not our fault and can be beneficial’


Front page title: Global warming ‘is not our fault’
Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial, according to researchers.
Article title: Global warming ‘is good and is not our fault’
By Sophie Borland
Last Updated: 12:02pm BST 14/09/2007

(… get the message? Brought to you by the No.1 hitwise website, i.e. ‘Britain’s No. 1 quality newspaper website’. Just in time for the weekend … and very carefully crafted so the reporter is not implicated in the claims.)

Telegraph breaking and front page news 14 September 2007

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Well a long time ago came a man on a track—
Walking thirty miles with a sack on his back.
And he put down his load where he thought it was the best:
Made a home in the wilderness.
He built a cabin and a winter store,
And he ploughed up the ground by the cold lake shore.
The other travellers came walking down the track
And they never went further, no, they never went back.
Then came the churches, then came the schools,
Then came the lawyers, then came the rules,
Then came the trains, and the trucks with their loads,
And the dirty old track was the telegraph road.

Then came the mines, then came the ore,
Then there was the hard times, then there was a war.
Telegraph sang a song about the world outside.
Telegraph road got so deep and so wide—
Like a rolling river …

And my radio says “Tonight it’s gonna freeze”
People driving home from the factories:
Six lanes of traffic,
Three lanes moving slow …

I used to like to go to work … but they shut it down!
I got a right to go to work … but there’s no work here to be found.
Yes, and they say we’re gonna have to pay what’s owed:
We’re gonna have to reap from some ‘seed that’s been sowed‘.
And the birds up on the wires and the telegraph poles—
They can always fly away from this rain and this cold.
You can hear them singing out their telegraph code
All the way
Down the telegraph road.

Well, I’d sooner forget but I remember those nights.
Yeah, life was just a bet on a race between the lights.
You had your head on my shoulder, you had your hand in my hair;
Now you act a little colder, like you don’t seem to care.
But just believe in me dear, yeah, and I’ll take you away—
From out of this darkness and into the day!
From these rivers of headlights, these rivers of rain,
From the anger that lives on the streets with these names
‘Cos I’ve run every red light on memory lane,
I’ve seen desperation explode into flames,
And I don’t want to see it again
From all of these signs saying “Sorry, But We’re Closed”
All the way
Down the telegraph road.




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  1. At first I asked myself if The Telegraph is a Murdoch paper. Wikipedia showed that it was perhaps even worse. Until recently, the Telegraph was a Conrad Black paper. Black will be in jail soon, and it looks as if the Telegraph has not changed the propaganda cause to which it has dedicated itself as of late. This article would be damn funny, if the prospect of such propaganda in a popular newspaper were not so frightening.

  2. Hi Payam,
    You are right: there comes a point when a sense of amusement ought to be replaced by a different emotion.
    I don’t know who controls this paper. Perhaps someone could enlighten us …

  3. P.S. To be fair to The Telegraph, it is reporting a new story Saturday, one minute past midnight, without the same degree of headlining, but as one line news feed item on the lower left corner of the front page:

    US: Man is to blame for global warming
    Man is to blame for global warming, US admits
    By Alex Spillius
    Last Updated: 12:01am BST 15/09/2007

    (Which makes me wonder if they know which one?!)

  4. What is the story behind the headline? A link would be helpful.
    FYI I find the spread out blue balloon format disorienting.
    [Link added. Sorry. Yesterday, I pasted the text quickly, without the link, from another post before heading to Shakespeare’s Globe 😉
    I too have problems with the blue balloons, because WordPress reformats them, by chopping up into chunks upon posting. I chose this Theme because the blockquote balloons are easy for kids to recognise others’ words embedded within my own. However, this theme does not handle comments well, by which I mean it cuts out paragraph breaks/returns. I have thought to change themes several times to handle comments better, but there are few themes that support wide images, large header and this relaxing cool colour scheme. Hmmm … I even looked into editing the CSS stylesheet, which I could do for the bubbles, but not so easily for the comments, but it has not been such a priority that I have done anything about it yet!]

  5. Avery and Singer of course. Plus Fred is promoted to atmosphere physicist!

    I wonder if anyone at the Telegraph remembered that they had already covered these two clowns earlier this year..

  6. Hello Steve,

    Sorry I made more work for you, deliberately 😉
    I try not to link from my posts to webpages that are unhelpful and repeat stuff that is in any case well known. That is why I provided no links above. All I wanted to do was highlight the headlines because those are what most people (are meant to) latch on to.
    For the record, the two Telegraph stories on Singer and Avery were covered by two different reporters:

    Global warming ‘just a natural cycle’ – Telegraph
    By Charles Clover, Environment Editor
    Last Updated: 2:27am GMT 19/01/2007
    Global warming comes and goes in 1,500 year cycles which may have more to do with cosmic rays than fossil fuel emissions, according to a new book.
    If the genuine warming now being seen is caused by human emissions of carbon dioxide, it would have started earlier, according to the book by two veteran American climate sceptics, Fred Singer and Dennis Avery. …


    Global warming ‘is good and is not our fault’ – Telegraph
    By Sophie Borland
    Last Updated: 12:02pm BST 14/09/2007
    Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial, according to two leading researchers.
    Recent climate change is not caused by man-made pollution, but is instead part of a 1,500-year cycle of warming and cooling that has happened for the last million years, say the authors of a controversial study.
    Dennis Avery, an environmental economist, and Professor Fred Singer, a physicist, have looked at the work of more than 500 scientists and concluded that it is very doubtful that man-made global warming exists.

    The first report by the Environment Editor ended with a responsible, clarifying statement:

    Dr Richard Betts of the Meteorological Office’s Hadley Centre for Climate Change said: “The key argument among sceptics has moved away from denying that there is man-made climate change to saying that it is weaker than mainstream science has suggested.
    “It is very well understood that greenhouse gases do cause radiative forcing. The work on cosmic rays is still quite speculative. The forthcoming report by IPCC next month will be the most reviewed document in the history of science. It is the IPCC process to review all the literature with an open mind. Many sceptics are involved in the process.
    “It is good to have the debate. It makes sure that the rest of us are certain about what we are doing.”

    That fine-print pre-IPCC WG1 report balance was nowhere to be seen in Friday’s headline news, which is fine as long as people accept they are being fed a diet of junk-claims.

  7. I’m surprised it even made front page. There are so many doom and gloom folks out there that think we caused global warming most of the more scientific papers are buried.

    I live in San Francisco which has a fair amount of educated people compared to other US cities. However, many are so gullible that they believe that we caused global warming. That is pretty arrogant of them. Once we have more information they will eventually understand why their beliefs were wrong.

    Even if we were able to alter our CO2 content to glacial maximum concentrations it would not have a significant affect on the temperature. There are much larger forces involved here.

    Populated areas have plenty of time to relocate to higher ground but people are a bit ignorant in the US. For example they chose to rebuild parts of New Orleans as it was rather than think of the future. There are no major plans to build the entire area much higher than sea level due to costs. That means that another Katrina event will happen most likely within the next couple of decades if not sooner.

  8. Hello Mike,
    I agree that San Francisco Bay Area is a great place to live. In fact, that’s where I am right now … and rather than focus on your points, all I would like to say is that climate change itself does not depend on anybody’s beliefs, but dealing with it successfully does depend on our individual and collective attitudes to embracing change.
    The Bay Area has an excellent track record at innovation and adopting new technologies as they become available, and I only wish that Britain would learn from California in that regard—and fast!

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