“We strongly agree with the IPCC reports and support its conclusions” – US Chief Scientist

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Bush aide says warming man-made
By Roger Harrabin
Environment analyst, BBC News

John Marburger (l) with President Bush and other senior US politicians. Image: APProfessor John Marburger (left) is Mr Bush’s top science advisor

The US chief scientist has told the BBC that climate change is now a fact.

Professor John Marburger, who advises President Bush, said it was more than 90% certain that greenhouse gas emissions from mankind are to blame.

The Earth may become “unliveable” without cuts in CO2 output, he said, but he labelled targets for curbing temperature rise as “arbitrary”.

His comments come shortly before major meetings on climate change at the UN and the Washington White House.

The CO2 accumulates in the atmosphere and there’s no end point, it just gets hotter and hotter
Marburger interview

Read more and listen to John Marburger in a four-minute interview he did with BBC News today. From 2 minutes into the interview, he becomes hesitant, speaks with caution and his thoughts get a bit woolly (!) after starting off rather confidently. Very interesting.

At the very least, it’s good news that reality is being accepted and action to change energy technologies is now being stressed, as that is a no-brainer: easy to propose and follow through.

There’s much less to applaud in Marburger’s emphasis of the uncertainties in the science, complexity of the climate system, and over-simplification of reporting, saying “everyone is confused—even the scientific community”—before he outlined areas of basic agreement and then declared strong support for the IPCC reports and their conclusions.

His comments about our scientific bases are … odd.

(I think he signals to the public that they can continue business-as-usual while engineers get on with designing new energy technology.)

P.S. The Telegraph reports this same story Saturday, one minute past midnight:

US: Man is to blame for global warming

Man is to blame for global warming, US admits
By Alex Spillius
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 15/09/2007

(Which makes me wonder if they know which one?!)


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