CEOP video Clare thought she knew …

September 18, 2007 at 4:57 am | Posted in CEOP, Child protection, Online safety, ThinkUKnow, Videos, YouTube | 2 Comments

An education initiative from the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Visit ThinkUKnow for information on how to have fun safely online, stay in control and report abuse and other online problems.

This powerful and enabling CEOP video was posted on YouTube a year ago, at back-to-school time, to raise kids’ awareness of online>offline dangers.

Update: A study by net security experts Garlik last term found that, unbeknown to their parents, Children ‘meet net friends often’ and they are quite trusting in providing personal information to friends online and offline.

It’s time for another viewing spree and hike in awareness now, especially with concerns circulating over Rapleaf’s email searches of social networks, and soon-to-be-added: blogs!

(Rapleaf and TrustPlus purport to be online reputation management systems. Google them. They protray themselves as helpful characters, making the internet more ethical and safe, as they share your personal information with ease with others. Ahem!)



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  1. Good point. Given the massive popularity of Facebook at present, it’s also worth noting this advice from security firm Sophos on how to use that particular application a little more safely. This was prompted by their investigation into how much information people would freely share with an anonymous green frog (!)
    I’d add to that the caution that any such system that lets others add features that access personal data without vetting them simply encourages unscrupulous types to create trivial, easily-shared toys as privacy-invasion tools. These are potentially the chain letters, spam, or even ‘Trojan’ viruses of social networking.

  2. Ahhh … Freddi Staur!
    He must be related to Akismet 😉

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