Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead

September 20, 2007 at 9:45 am | Posted in Climate policies, Economic prosperity, Economies, Energy efficiencies, Energy strategy, Innovation, Investment flows, Markets, Renewables, Self-reliance, Severe weather, Society | Leave a comment

The relationship between energy, the world’s economies and society is fundamentally changing,” says Peter Schwartz, Chairman of GBN and former strategist for Royal Dutch/Shell. “This report encourages U.S. business leaders to reevaluate their current operations to determine if their businesses can survive an uncertain and potentially disruptive energy future.”

Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead assesses the implications of four possible future scenarios:

  • Current economic and energy trends continue with no major regulatory shifts in climate policy
  • Investment flows overseas make it difficult for most U.S. companies to adjust to an energy and carbon constrained world
  • Severe weather events and international economic crises bankrupt many U.S. companies and institutions
  • An innovative focus on clean and efficient technology fosters a new era of economic prosperity and self-reliance in a carbon-constrained global marketplace

Read the complete press release titled:

Major U.S. Companies Explore Risks and Opportunities of Uncertain Energy Future
New report examines business impact of long-range uncertainties including geo-political shifts, climate change, terrorism

The Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead report is available at and


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