Global Warning

September 21, 2007 at 3:47 pm | Posted in Climate change, Contest, Friends of the Earth, Global warming, Videos, Vote, YouTube | 4 Comments

Thanks, matt, for letting us know that the Friends of the Earth contest is now open: it’s time for viewers to vote for their favourites to win the People’s Choice award.

We have not watched them all yet, but I had to post this video before zedtime. It is both relaxing and engaging, and makes me even more determined to combat climate change.

Update: I tried to post my comment on YouTube, but I am too wordy as usual, so I shall have to cut it down.  This is what I wanted to say ~

This is an appealing video on first viewing, and it becomes even more endearing as we watch it again and again.

The title is apt, graphics are attractive, and  (as the winter months approach) the show ends with one action everyone can do, and a clear reason for doing it.

The final zoom out is impressive: context and colour work so well, and retain their effect on repeat viewing.

Actually, I like the touches of detail, e.g. the fish jumping out of the water because it is too warm and there is nowhere else to go.  This is happening to marine animals now.

Also, I like the way the polar bear cares for the fish.  After that, we see the unintended consequences on the environment of each move the bear makes.  There is a powerful message for all of us there.

Last but not least, the way the bear’s centre of gravity and the floating ice are handled is superb!



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  1. Yes I liked the one above for its clear message. Just wish its graphics were clearer too. I guess they have to be:

    * clear and relevant on message

    * entertaining or memorable

    * good quality filming/graphics

    * have a beginning, middle & conclusion (many don’t)

    Very difficult to do in a minute!

  2. Did you and your kids make a choice in the end?!

  3. Yes:
    Global Warning (as shown above)
    Prehistoric Problems
    Green Ninja

  4. Excellent, my 3 & 1/2 year old son chose the Green Ninja too.

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