Rice accord

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66 open quote All nations should tackle climate change in the ways that they deem best99 quote out

Condoleezza Rice speaking at today’s meeting of the top 16 polluting countries

Ms Rice challenged leaders to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels by shifting toward energy sources that would reduce global warming – without harming their economies.

She said climate change could not be dealt with entirely as an environmental question but “in a way that does not starve economies of the energy that they need to grow”.

“Though united by common goals and collective responsibility, all nations should tackle climate change in the ways that they deem best,” she said.

Many scientists say political action is falling behind what is needed to avert lasting damage to Earth’s climate.

according to Rice urges climate change accord.

Clever use of the word ‘accord’ by the BBC. Look at these definitions:

1. Agreement; harmony.
2. A settlement or compromise of conflicting opinions.
3. A settlement of points at issue between nations.
4. Spontaneous or voluntary desire to take a certain action.

Numbers 1, 2, and 3 are what most people in the world want. Number 4 is all the current US administration will offer. In the BBC video clip below, the reason voluntary efforts are all Bush et al will concede is that “a legally binding deal on emissions would threaten America’s sovereignty, according to the White House”.  No wonder many countries sent junior ministers or just officials.

inel saw this on the BBC News website and thought you should see it.

** Action urged at climate summit **
The US secretary of state calls for global consensus as the world’s top polluting nations hold talks.

Update: the BBC has changed their title. Fill in the blanks from yesterday’s Rice urges climate change *****accord‘ to this morning’s ‘consensus‘ and now, Friday afternoon it reads ‘unity‘. I wonder what it will say tomorrow?!


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