BT’s Climate Change Creative Challenge

September 28, 2007 at 4:34 am | Posted in Arts, BT, Climate change, Communication, Competition, Contest, Creative challenge, Employees | 1 Comment

This is a great example of what any company can do to encourage artistic endeavour amongst its employees and promote climate-beneficial action.  This contest is for BT employees only, but winning entries will be announced in November, and their creative ideas will be promoted online.

Climate Change Creative Challenge

Creative challenge banner

BT wants all its people to get involved and make a personal contribution to countering climate change. Our newest initiative is the Climate Change Creative Challenge – designed to inspire ideas for communicating and tackling climate change issues at home, at work or in the wider community.

Launched by BT Group Chairman, Sir Christopher Bland, Creative Challenge is an enjoyable competition with a serious purpose. It is being run in conjunction with the London College of Communication and is open to students of the college and to all BT people around the world.

Sir Christopher Bland talks about the Climate Change Creative Challenge.

Entries can either be from individuals or teams of up to 5 people, including friends and family or working colleagues. There are 10 categories to enter, giving people a wide range of creative ideas to explore:

  • Moving image, film, video or TV programme
  • Creative writing including journalism, prose, song or poetry
  • Marketing, advertising or PR campaign
  • Performance
  • Event to deliver community engagement
  • Publication book, magazine, press or website
  • Interior design
  • Exhibition, artefact or floral design
  • Computer game
  • Multimedia piece

… To share the benefits of BT people’s creative ideas more widely and to encourage more people to help tackle the issues that face us, our Climate Change website will carry full reports of all the winning entries.


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  1. It’s great to these initiatives—I agree, it promotes the arts and climate-change awareness. How great!

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