Environment Week at school :-)

October 7, 2007 at 5:08 pm | Posted in AIT, Energy savings, Environment, Parents, Recycling, School, Students, Sustainability | 1 Comment

Hey matt! (BTW: Did you ever find out how to test if an egg is fresh without cracking it open first?)

From Sunday 7th October until Sunday 14th October, our daughter’s school will be enjoying its first ‘Environment Week’. Its purpose is “to raise awareness of current environmental issues, and create a sense that we are all capable of changing both the way we think and our daily habits in ways that are more focused on a sustainable future.”

Events include an environment-themed sermon in the Full School Eucharist, several showings of An Inconvenient Truth, an eco-poster competition, a recycling hour, an all day “save energy day”, and full school and individual house assemblies focused on environmental themes.

One evening there is a chance for parents to get involved in Environment Week with an “Environment Question Time” that is open to all.

On another evening, parents are welcome to attend school to watch “An Inconvenient Truth” on the big screen.

My daughter signed up for the environment club (the name of which escapes me) and I shall tell you more about those antics another time 😉 Meanwhile, on the first day of this year, we were pleased to see large recycling bins of various types—paper, plastic, even batteries of which I guess teenagers use plenty—placed centre stage in the main Common Room.

On another note, a couple of weeks ago her school had one day upon which everyone (pupils, teachers, other staff) ate subsistence meals (e.g. plain rice, water) instead of their regular fodder. The money that was saved on one day was sent to a charity with the specific aim, as I understand it, of feeding a somewhat larger number of poverty-stricken people for a week.

P.S. Bjørn Lomborg would approve the latter. Seems like we can easily do both: address poverty and climate change. I just happen to think that we need to appropriate funds for climate change just as we allocate budgets for other big-ticket items, such as defence. By contrast, Bjørn Lomborg sees climate change as something that rich Westerners do as a charitable and kind gesture to poor Asians and Africans who cannot help themselves because they have not been as economically successful as ourselves. To him, climate change falls way down his list. It is lurks bottom of the pit of discretionary far-off spending for the never-never time: only to be spent after we have invested sensibly and wisely in poverty reduction measures and healthcare improvements (specifically targetting malaria) to get the biggest bang for our bucks. Oh, dear. Charity used to be synonymous with love and came from the heart, but now economists want to rule that aspect of life too.


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  1. Wow, plain rice only. Surprise there wasn’t a riot!
    No never did get an answer to the ‘off egg’ test (without cracking it open, which was specifically what I was looking for). One cook suggested that they are fine far beyond BB date though. I have memories of being told to shake them and if the yoke feels hard as you shake the egg around then it’s probably dodgy.
    Your school’s environment week sounds good. 🙂

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