World’s big six cos. urge suppliers to reveal climate actions

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Big Firms to Press Suppliers on Climate
By Jane Spencer
Wall Street Journal (WSJ Online Free Preview)
October 12, 2007
A group of multinational companies is embarking on a campaign to encourage their suppliers to report greenhouse-gas emissions, pressuring thousands of vendors and factories to show they are taking steps to battle climate change.

At least six of the world’s largest companies, including Procter & Gamble Co., Unilever, Tesco PLC and Nestlé SA, will announce today that they are banding together to press their suppliers to release data about carbon emissions and climate change mitigation strategies. The move affects plants churning out products as diverse as T-shirts, cocoa beans and razors.The effort comes amid growing concern that stricter climate change laws could …

So, to get some idea how these huge corporate businesses address climate change already, I visited the websites of those mentioned in the WSJ article. Although I have no subscription, I know that the WSJ article also mentions Imperial Tobacco and Wal-mart Stores, so I looked up their climate change commitments online too. My findings were going to be posted below, but now I am going to do a separate post on each company to show what they are doing to address climate change. Their online materials vary from copious to a dearth on this matter. As these companies release official announcements on the carbon emissions supply chain, I shall add to the collection.


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