An oracle at Oracle

October 17, 2007 at 2:09 pm | Posted in California, Climate change, Costs, Oracle, Redwood City, Schneider, Stanford University | 3 Comments

VOA on Study: Inaction on Climate Change is Costliest Option for US

WP on Warming’s Costs to Top Its Benefits, Study Says

There is not much I can say about those two articles other than that they report on a study funded in part by Environmental Defense and conducted by Matthias Ruth, amongst others, at the University of Maryland. (All I can think of at the moment in response to those titles is “Duh.”)

Well, I just could not resist showing you the picture VOA chose, so I can say:

‘Oooh … look. It’s Oracle!’


Climatologist Stephen H. Schneider of Stanford University talks about the water level before Oracle headquarters in Redwood City, California, 6 Sept. 2007

P.S. This photo would be a good candidate for a caption contest. Anyway, how deep are the foundations of those towers?



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  1. Nice picture!

    Everything built along the South Bay is on fill, so any modern building tower will be on deep, pile-driven foundations meant to survive a massive earthquake.

    OTOH, a massive levee rupture following an earthquake, with employees stuck in rush hour traffic on neighboring Highway 101, could leave Oracle with quite a few job openings.

  2. You only think Steve is demonstrating the difference between one meter and the AR4 median projection for 2100. Actually he’s saying “And then when Larry opens his mouth, it gets as deep as my left hand.”

  3. Very funny.
    So you mean he’s not playing “Great White Shark”?

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