Another new site to add to the confusion

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All about global warming and climate changing

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Unfortunately, kids, this brand-new-in-October site titled All about global warming and climate changing (sic) offers global warming news and facts, but doesn’t tell you which is which! (News is not necessarily based on facts. Facts are not necessarily news. Verify sources before you use resources like this in school projects over Half Term break, and always.)

Without a link to the source document, the information is best treated with scepticism at first. Basically, treat it as gossip until you have tracked down the source and figured out whether it is worth trusting. Not easy unless you are immersed in this topic, as I know only too well, when I try to justify why I am “too kind” to Al Gore over his mis-statement about Tuvalu evacuations 😉

The source document needs a title, date, author and site where first published.

Without a way to comment, you cannot ask questions of the person who posted the article.

With ads in the right hand column, you can tell it is a money-making site.

Even today’s post is out-of-date, pre-G8 news, without telling you why it is being reposted now:

US Scientists Pile on Pressure Over Climate Change

I am not at the point where I will scream “Woe is me!”, but I can see what you mean about it being hard to figure out which sources to trust when you are told to do web research for homework!

For now, I recommend you stick to the three sites I mentioned before, in my posts:

and go to the original sites and search within them.

Always search for information on climate change. Don’t bother with any site that limits itself to the term global warming, as I am pretty sure it will be behind the times. (Have you ever met a global warming scientist? Nope.)


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