Deadlines: natural, political, real and imagined

October 25, 2007 at 3:29 pm | Posted in Campaigns, Deadlines | Leave a comment

Just about to sign off for the night, into my inbox pinged an urgent alert:

It’s not too late to save polar bears and penguins

Ask your Representative to cosponsor the Safe Climate Act

Dear inel,

We bring you this urgent alert, calling on representatives in Congress to step up and cosponsor Rep. Waxman’s Safe Climate Act of 2007. Please visit this link and take action today!


Unswayed by the plight of arctic mammals and birds of Antarctica, nevertheless, the thought of the Safe Climate Act lacking and requiring an urgent sponsor caused me to stop my impending shut down. Instead, I checked for a political deadline tomorrow, in which case I may well take action today.

There is nothing obvious online about an upcoming vote or need for a cosponsor. In fact, a quick google of >climate act 2007 cosponsor< leads me to this page:

Legislation > 2007-2008 (110th Congress)

H.R. 1590: Safe Climate Act of 2007

To reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the climate.

The list already has 142 cosponsors and includes my Representative!

Deadlines can motivate me when I know what they are and why they are significant. Spontaneity is fine for me (even when surrounded by people who need to plan well in advance to achieve anything). I can often drop everything and respond quickly if there is a real deadline.

In this case, my objections are triggered by a message telling me something is urgent and I need to take action today, when, in fact, it appears after investigation that it is not and I don’t need to!

There is no way that environmental organisations can address climate change effectively if they carry on with this knee-jerk, thoughtless, reactive mindset for campaigns. They really do need to change their campaign models for the long-haul.


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